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Health IT Standards

How Providers Can Help Advance Health IT Interoperability

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

A workgroup convened by the American Hospital Association has identified a host of activities for both the private and public sector to complete in order to advance health IT interoperability. As it turns out, the main responsibility of providers...

AHA Criticizes #Cures2015 Health IT Interoperability Policies

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The 21st Century Cures Act inches closer to becoming law and the American Hospital Association has serious reservations about the bill's potential implications for health IT interoperability and information blocking. On July 10, the House...

Limited Health Information Exchange to Hinder Care Quality

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Without quality information, a healthcare provider is unable to provide quality care. Health information exchange has a crucial role to play in ensuring that the right information is available at the right place at the right time. That assumes...

ONC Asks Public to Contribute to Health IT Certification

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) is paving the way for the public to aid its Health IT Certification Program by proposing health IT test procedures, tools, or data that could be approved for use as...

Texas Bill Sets Health Information Exchange, Interoperability Goals

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Public health agencies in Texas have close to two months to prepare for meeting requirements for standards-based health information exchange and interoperability with the enactment of a new piece of state legislation. Dubbed "Ken's Bill"...

Health Data Exchange, Standardization Lacking in Chronic Care

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The American Medical Group Association (AMGA) has made several recommendations to Congress to ensure that policies intended to support chronic care in fact do so, ranging from incentives for investing in and adopting care management tools to...

AHA Stresses Need for Defining Interoperability in IMPACT Act

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The American Hospital Association (AHA) has voiced concerns about how the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) plans to implement the interoperability and standardization provisions of the Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation...

How Meaningful Use Requirements Hinder EHR Interoperability

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Changes to meaningful use requirements over the next two years must go into effect for the sake of advancing EHR interoperability. That is one of the claims made by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) in its comments...

True Interoperability Needs Health IT Standards, Use Cases

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Two witnesses for a recent Senate Committee Health, Education, Labor and Pensions hearing emphasized the need for tight health IT standards and use cases for health data exchange in order to improve the EHR user experience and achieve true interoperability....

What Does Open Mean in the Context of EHR Interoperability?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

A learning health system is not possible without conformance to five EHR interoperability use cases by healthcare providers and health IT developers, claims the authors of an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics...

Debating Role of Congress in Health IT Interoperability

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

During a hearing on the subject of health information exchange, members of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions received feedback as to the role Congress should play in advancing health IT interoperability. According...

How Certification, Testing Impact Health IT Interoperability

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Health IT testing and certification are "urgently needed" to advance healthcare interoperability, according to the American Hospital Association (AHA). The organization recently published comments on the 2015 Edition health IT certification...

AMIA Offers Strategy for EHR Interoperability, Data Exchange

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Of the recommendations made by a group convened by the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) relating to the current status and future direction of EHR technology, three have implications for EHR interoperability and data exchange....

Are Health IT Standards, APIs Too Immature for Stage 3?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Both the American Hospital Association (AHA) and the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) are critical of proposed Stage 3 Meaningful Use requirements that rely on emerging health IT standards and application programming...

How to Map Epic EHR Lab Orders to Reference Laboratories

by Charlie Francen of CTG Solutions

As Epic Community Connect continues to expand, more physician offices loosely affiliated with multi-hospital systems are expected to begin participating in the shared electronic record system. These physician offices may send patients or specimens...

Healthcare Interoperability to Face Numerous Challenges

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The much-anticipated shift to personalized medicine and wellness will require healthcare providers to make better use of health IT standards and advance healthcare interoperability, according to a new Frost & Sullivan report. "More than...

Is a Culture Change Critical for Health IT Interoperability?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

One step necessary for advancing health IT interoperability is the development and implementation of health IT standards. Another is removing health data governance policies that are responsible for health information blocking. "While not...

Reducing Health IT Interoperability Friction with FHIR

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

One of the healthcare industry’s joint efforts to resolve a lack of health IT interoperability made a surprising discovery when their certified health IT systems were first connected. “We all hooked our systems up to each other and...

Unlocking EHR Systems, Advancing Health IT Interoperability

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The varying interpretation of health IT standards and specifications has contributed to a lack of health IT interoperability, but its effect on health data exchange may pale in comparison to how different definitions of open EHR technology has...

#Cures2015 Bill Criticized for Health IT Interoperability

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Despite the progress that the 21st Century Cures Act made this week, its provisions for ensuring health IT interoperability are drawing criticism from healthcare industry groups about their complexity and omission of certain features. On Thursday,...


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