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Value-Based Care Needs Purposeful Health IT Interoperability

November 16, 2016 - Health IT interoperability is a key ingredient for achieving success in value-based care, but it is also one that healthcare organizations may fail to comprehend fully. During the opening panel of Xtelligent Media’s Value-Based Care Summit, speakers addressed the importance of approaching health IT interoperability as a means to an end rather than an end in itself when discussing IT...

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Value-Based Care Needs Purposeful Health IT Interoperability

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Health IT interoperability is a key ingredient for achieving success in value-based care, but it is also one that healthcare organizations may fail to comprehend fully. During the opening panel of Xtelligent Media’s Value-Based Care Summit,...

Health IT Interoperability Helps Connect Medical Staffs

by Frank Irving

Healthcare led all industries in mergers and acquisitions in 2015, with $688 billion worth of consolidations coming to a close, according to financial information firm Dealogic. And while analysts expect more of the same this year due to favorable...

Telehealth Integration Enables Mercy to Monitor UNC Patients

by Frank Irving

A new telehealth integration partnership spanning more than 700 miles brings together Mercy Virtual of St. Louis and University of North Carolina Health Care (UNCHC), based in Chapel Hill, N.C. The two organizations announced on Feb. 8 that Mercy...

Health IT Task Force Synthesizes Open API Themes

by Frank Irving

Health IT integration will reach a significant threshold when, as specified under 2015 Edition criteria, electronic health records systems and related tools must provide consumer-facing access to the Common Clinical Data Set via an application...

E-visits Among Health IT Integration Pilots at Beaumont

by Frank Irving

Health IT integration will factor into new pilot programs at Southeast Michigan’s Beaumont Health aimed at improving patient communication and interaction. Beaumont, Michigan’s largest health system in terms of inpatient admissions...

CONNECT Bill Boosts Prospects for Telehealth Integration

by Frank Irving

Six U.S. senators and three House representatives have introduced the Creating Opportunities Now for Necessary and Effective Care Technologies (CONNECT) for Health Act, legislation that would spark telehealth integration across the country. CONNECT...

Integration of Outsiders’ Data Highly Problematic for ACOs

by Frank Irving

Integrating data from out-of-network providers was the top health IT interoperability obstacle for accountable care organizations (ACOs) surveyed by Premier and the eHealth Initiative (eHI). In particular, the surveyed ACOs said they had high...

Patients Happy with Doctor Visits But E-connections Lag

by Frank Irving

While patients’ satisfaction with their last office visit is on the rise, doctors could boost their standing with an added dose of health IT integration. Results of a new Harris Poll, released Jan. 20, defined patients as those who had...

10 Notable Quotes on the State of Health IT Interoperability

by Frank Irving

The field of health IT interoperability is pacing its way through interesting times. Sources ranging from the top level of federal health programs to mainstream news analysis outlets have weighed in on changes afoot for hospitals, health systems...

Health IT Comparison Tool Task Force Hears from Providers

by Frank Irving

The Health IT Policy Committee’s Certified Technology Comparison (CTC) Task Force resumes its work this week as the group looks to build a tool for providers to use when assessing products needed for future health IT integration initiatives....

High-Cost Drugs: A Dark Cloud Hanging Over HIT Integration

by Frank Irving

A number of accomplishments point to 2015 as having been a banner year for health IT integration. Consider, for instance, gains in EHR adoption by providers in underserved settings, the nearly glitch-free transition to ICD-10 from a claims processing...

OSU Wexner Medical Center Captures Second Davies Award

by Frank Irving

Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center (OSUWMC) is the first two-time winner of the HIMSS Nicholas E. Davies Award of Excellence, which recognizes health IT integration that substantially improves patient outcomes while achieving...

Hospitals Seeing Opportunities to Integrate Workflows

by Frank Irving

More than 80 percent of U.S. hospitals could take advantage of health IT integration across departments that would help them capture, transform and manage information from anywhere at any time. Results of a newly released survey reveal that achieving...

Primary Care Study Shows Health IT Integration on the Rise

by Frank Irving

Health IT integration is a strong suit of primary care doctors in the United States, compared to other countries. However U.S. physicians trail international colleagues in areas such as managing care for chronic-disease and mentally ill patients....

Hospital Roundup: Recent Health Technology Investments

by Frank Irving

As the week draws to a close, here’s a look at health IT integration and practical application at hospitals around the country. San Joaquin General Hospital in California has signed a $37 million, seven-year contract for a new health information...

EHR Use in Safety-Net Clinics Affects Patient Satisfaction

by Frank Irving

Clinicians highly connected with their electronic health records systems may inadvertently suffer an interpersonal disconnect with patients in safety-net facilities, according to a newly released study. EHR implementation may adversely affect...

Outsourcing Prevalent in Health IT Integration Plans

by Frank Irving

Nearly three-quarters of hospitals and health systems with over 300 beds will be looking outside their organizational walls in 2016 for health IT integration help ranging from application development to complex infrastructure services, according...

HIT Infrastructure, Optimization Among Top CIO Concerns

by Frank Irving

Among the top current concerns of chief information officers is the build-out of health IT infrastructure needed for participation in value-based care models and population health management. Eight CIOs who participated in the 2015 Scottsdale...

Centura Health Earns Davies Award for IT Excellence

by Frank Irving

Centura Health, which manages 16 hospitals in Colorado and western Kansas, has earned a 2015 HIMSS Enterprise Davies Award for excellence in health IT integration. The distinction recognizes the use of health information technology to improve...

Task Force to Recommend New Tool for Technology Selection

by Frank Irving

A task force of the Health IT Policy Committee (HITPC) has begun assessing whether a tool could be created to compare certified health IT products when the current EHR meaningful use program folds into provisions of MACRA legislation in 2019....


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