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BI Software Implementation Pitfalls

Once your organization has made the decision to implement a BI solution how are you going to know which is the right solution for your data needs? This ebreif outlines:  What to consider before chosing a BI solution Tips of successful... Download white paper

Office365 Adoption eGuide: Identity and Mobility Challenges

Microsoft made a massive push to the cloud in 2014, and as a result Office 365 is taking off. We’re seeing it in how Okta customers are using Okta to connect to Office 365 in increasing numbers. This eGuide provides some data from the Okta... Download white paper

10 Must Haves for Success: Your Buyers Guide to the Next Wave of Medical Image Management

Medical image management is undergoing a wave of change. Digitization is at hand. Structural shifts in healthcare are forcing providers to reexamine costs and improve interoperability so they can reduce wasteful CDs and unnecessary studies. Competition... Download white paper

Governance in Healthcare: A Critical Capability

Data complexity and velocity, along with the imperative of confidentiality, create complicated and unique circumstances for healthcare organizations. Governance of back-end processes that capture, cleanse, and consolidate data is critical to... Download white paper

LEAN and Visibility Systems in Healthcare IT

Visibility is a key factor when it comes to adopting Lean IT systems in healthcare. Download this webcast and viewers will learn about the concepts and tools of lean IT, including: Customer-based value Organizational alignment in vision and purpose... View webcast

Case Study: Steward Health Care Diagnoses Application Issues with Insights from Wire Data

Steward Health Care System has grown rapidly—more than doubling the number of hospitals in its network over the last four years. In addition to this rapid growth, Steward Health Care has had to manage a wide proliferation of mobile devices—from... Download white paper