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State Strongholds for EHR Vendors Among MU Hospitals

Here's how the top EHR systems vendors stack up in terms of market share and rank among hospital meaningful users across the U.S.

- Ever wonder how a particular electronic health records system stacks up in terms of market share and rank among meaningful users in a certain state? The Health IT Dashboard, made available by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC), offers a means of obtaining that information via customizable visualizations.

Visualizations of EHR systems vendors by market share and rank across the United States.

HealthITInteroperability took a look at ONC’s “EHR Vendors Reported by Hospitals Demonstrating Meaningful Use” dashboard to find out where five leading EHR vendors have bedrock support across the country.

In the sections below, we used the dashboard to show meaningful use attestations in which hospitals reported the use of selected vendors’ certified products for the 2014 program year. The data are valid as of August 2015, according to ONC, with the caveat that they only apply to meaningful use attestations through the Medicare EHR Incentive Program.

We selected the top five EHR vendors reported by hospitals participating in the EHR Incentive Programs: Cerner, MEDITECH, Epic, McKesson and CPSI.


Cerner exceeds 40 percent market share among hospital meaningful users in the nation’s capitol and the following states:

District of Columbia — 67 percent

Delaware — 60 percent

New Jersey — 53 percent

Hawaii — 44 percent

Connecticut — 41 percent

However, if we analyze Cerner by market rank — position of the vendor among all vendors in a state providing certified products to attested providers — a different picture emerges. Cerner has a market rank of No. 1 in the following states for program year 2014:

Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Wyoming


MEDITECH exceeds 40 percent market share in a cluster in and around its Massachusetts headquarters, and in South Dakota:

Massachusetts — 60 percent

South Dakota — 55 percent

Rhode Island — 46 percent

Connecticut — 41 percent

MEDITECH has a market rank of No. 1 in the following states for program year 2014:

Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, West Virginia


Epic exceeds 40 percent market share in its home state of Wisconsim, neighboring Minnesota, and in Oregon:

Minnesota — 55 percent

Wisconsin — 44 percent

Oregon — 42 percent

Epic has a market rank of No. 1 in the following states for program year 2014:

Alaska, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, Virginia


McKesson achieves 40 percent market share in one state, Delaware. The vendor exceeds 20 percent market share in four other states:

Delaware — 40 percent

New Jersey — 26 percent

New Hampshire — 25 percent

Tennessee — 22 percent

Virginia — 20 percent

McKesson has a market rank of No. 1 or No. 2 in the following states:

Mississippi (1), Vermont (1), Delaware (2), New Jersey (2), Ohio (2), West Virginia (2)


CPSI exceeds 20 percent market share in the following states:

Kansas — 27 percent

Louisiana — 27 percent

Alabama — 26 percent

Maine — 25 percent

Vermont — 21 percent

CPSI has a market rank of No. 1 in its home state of Alabama, fellow Gulf Coast States Mississippi and Louisiana, and in Kansas. The vendor has a No. 2 market rank in three states:

Alabama (1), Kansas (1), Louisiana (1), Mississippi (1), Alaska (2), Nevada (2), West Virginia (2)

Click here to access downloadable data files for EHR products referenced in this article.

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