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CommonWell Names Asnaani First-Ever Executive Director

- The CommonWell Health Alliance recently named Jitin Asnaani as the consortium's Founding Executive Director.

Asnaani was responsible for the athenahealth Technology Standards and Policy Program and served as the Watertown-based health IT company's involvement in private and public interoperability projects (e.g., Federal Advisory Committees, the Argonaut Project, Previously, he worked on technical standards development for interoperability for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).

“Jitin has been instrumental in the CommonWell Health Alliance since its founding,” President of McKesson Health Solutions Rod O’Reilly said in a public statement. “In addition, his leadership on both the National HIT Standards and Policy Committees, his strategic mindset, and his ability to execute while collaborating with a wide array of stakeholders makes him the perfect executive director for the Alliance at this critical juncture.”

According to the newly-appointed Founding Executive Director, his focus in on production-ready interoperability.

“I’m honored to work with members whose commitment to ‘interoperability in action’ has already produced working real-world services that are being deployed throughout the country.” Asnaani added.. “My priority is to keep that momentum going so that interoperability can contribute to improved delivery and outcomes, sooner rather than later.”

Through its 20 members, CommonWell covers half and one quarter of the acute care and ambulatory care EHR markets, respectively. As many as 26,000 unique individuals have consented to be enrolled in the consortium's network. recently published a featured interview with Asnaani available here.


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