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Centura Health Earns Davies Award for IT Excellence

Centura achieved system-wide reductions of nearly 16 percent in readmission for heart failure while cutting the overall annual per-member cost of care by 7 percent.

- Centura Health, which manages 16 hospitals in Colorado and western Kansas, has earned a 2015 HIMSS Enterprise Davies Award for excellence in health IT integration. The distinction recognizes the use of health information technology to improve patient outcomes while achieving return on investment.

Centura Health has earned the 2015 HIMSS Enterprise Davies Award.

Improvement in population health outcomes through the use of health IT was key to Centura’s recognition, according to Jonathan French, director of health information systems at HIMSS North America and program director for the HIMSS Davies Enterprise Committee.

Centura’s hospitals range from 30-bed facilities in geographically remote areas to a Level One Trauma Center with 220 beds in a metropolitan area with a population of more than 2.5 million that supports over 90,000 inpatient admissions and more than 1 million outpatient physician and clinic visits per year.

The award committee emphasized that Centura has significantly reduced hospitalizations associated with chronic disease management using alternative payment models. HIMSS noted IT-enabled work in the areas of risk stratification, clinical decision support, patient engagement and analytics.

Specifically, within the remote community of Durango, Colo., Centura’s Mercy Family Medicine reduced by 27 percent the hospital admission rate for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions (i.e., angina, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, grand mal and other epileptic convulsions, heart failure and pulmonary edema, and hypertension).

Operating in an accountable care organization modeled on the Medicare Shared savings program, Centura achieved system-wide reductions of nearly 16 percent in readmission for heart failure while cutting the overall annual per-member cost of care by 7 percent.

“We are honored to have been awarded the HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence, as it truly exemplifies the high standards that Centura Health strives for in our pursuit to leverage technology to provide excellent patient care,” said Dana Moore, Centura’s senior vice president of information technology in a public statement. “A strong partnership between caregivers and technology has been at the heart of achieving this goal, and we couldn’t possibly be more proud of the outcomes of this collaboration.”

The Davies Award, which requires demonstrated increases in both financial and care outcomes, promotes EHR-enabled improvement in patient outcomes by evaluating implementation strategies, workflow design, best practice development and adherence and patient engagement initiatives. Centura’s EHR currently contains approximately 2.4 million patient records.

Since implementing an enterprise EHR in 2006, Centura has realized an estimated positive return on investment of over $200 million, according to the Davies website. The hospital system has earned more than $51 million in EHR meaningful use incentives through fiscal years 2012-2015. Incentive payments for fiscal 2015 exceeded $7.7 million. Those numbers count toward the award’s recognition of total cost savings.

Centura joins the following as recipients of the 2015 Davies Enterprise Award:

  • Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Whitby, Ontario, Canada)
  • University of Missouri1 Health Care (25-county service area in Missouri)
  • Hilo Medical Center (East Hawaii Regions of the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation)
  • St. Clair Hospital (500,000-resident service area in southwestern Pennsylvania)

The Davies Award recipients will be recognized at the 2016 HIMSS annual conference in Las Vegas in late February 2016.



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