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Sources of Strength in Meeting Meaningful Use Requirements


Data current as of Jan. 19, 2016 show 78 percent of primary care providers having demonstrated meaningful use of certified electronic health records technology. Further analysis shows solid meaningful use performance by nurse practitioners...

E-visits Among Health IT Integration Pilots at Beaumont


Health IT integration will factor into new pilot programs at Southeast Michigan’s Beaumont Health aimed at improving patient communication and interaction. Beaumont, Michigan’s largest health system in terms of inpatient admissions...

ONC Clarifies Health IT Interoperability Under HIPAA


Many providers believe that HIPAA restrictions prevent them from moving protected health information (PHI) in certain patient care situation. However, that’s a common misconception potentially hindering health IT interoperability when,...

Oncology Big Data Initiative Fortifies Leadership Team


Three C-level executives have joined CancerLinQ to help the subsidiary of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) expand its goal of analyzing data from the electronic health records of millions of cancer patients to uncover patterns...

AMIA Urges Reset on Electronic Clinical Quality Measures


The American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) hopes to guide the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) toward a pragmatic approach for development of electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) as they relate to future policy...

CONNECT Bill Boosts Prospects for Telehealth Integration


Six U.S. senators and three House representatives have introduced the Creating Opportunities Now for Necessary and Effective Care Technologies (CONNECT) for Health Act, legislation that would spark telehealth integration across the country. CONNECT...

PMI Will Weave EHR and Patient-Generated Health Data


The Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI), backed by $215 million in allocations from the 2016 federal budget, will combine massive amounts of patient-generated health data and information drawn from electronic health records toward the ultimate...

When Health Information Exchange Fails, Providers Often Pay


Breakdowns in health information exchange — whether through face-to-face interactions, phone conversations or transactions sourced from electronic medical records — often lead to medical errors and subsequent patient harm. In fact,...

3M to Hold and Build Health Information Systems Business


Five months after 3M announced it was considering strategic alternatives for its Health Information Systems unit, the St. Paul, Minn.-based firm has decided to retain and invest in the business. Although it doesn’t market a standalone electronic...

On-Demand Care: A Growing Part of Health IT Infrastructure


The business case for “digital-first” healthcare models appears to be rapidly coalescing. Research from professional services firm Accenture indicates that companies are leveraging an emerging parcel of health IT infrastructure —...

THR Joins Health Information Exchange’s Northward Expansion


Texas’ decentralized state model for health information exchange is consolidating on several fronts. This trend most recently surfaced with the Jan. 27 announcement that Texas Health Resources (THR), a 25-hospital health system based in...

Merger Plan Includes Health Information Exchange Commitment


If all goes according to plan, Mountain States Health Alliance and Wellmont Health System will merge in April 2016, forming an as-yet-unnamed health system serving communities in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. The two organizations...

Health IT Interoperability Among CHIME Chronic Care Concerns


The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME), in a letter sent last week to leadership of the Senate Finance Committee’s Chronic Care Working Group, emphasized four areas of focus in determining policies to improve...

Healthcare Claims Data for Sale Under New CMS Regulation


Analyzed claims data from Medicare and private sector insurers would be authorized for sale by “qualified entities,” according to a proposed rule released this morning in a special Federal Register filing by the Centers for Medicare...

Clinics Wary of Portals Despite Health Data Sharing Benefits


A qualitative study of provider views on patient portals finds recognition of the technology’s potential to improve patient communication and health information exchange; however, at clinics serving low-income patients, personnel have concerns...

Office-Based Docs Lag in Outward Health Information Exchange


While office-based physicians are making progress in adopting certified electronic health records (EHR) systems, only about a third electronically shared patient health information with external providers in 2014, according to a new data brief...

Fueling the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource


One of the great ironies of health IT is that while professionals in the field have greater access to data than ever before, they’re not finding it very useful. Nonetheless, industry experts believe that increased development, testing and...

EHNAC and NH-ISAC Align on Health Information Protection


A new partnership between national organizations hopes to lock down and accelerate health information exchange via the Direct standard. The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC), a standards development organization and...

NY Health Information Exchange Awarded $2M in CDC Initiative


Central New York health information exchange HealtheConnections has been awarded $2 million in grant funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under an initiative to prevent and control chronic disease in the Empire State. The...

FDA Recognizes Medical Devices in Health IT Infrastructure


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) appears intent on positioning medical devices within the realm of health IT infrastructure. Twice this month, the FDA has issued draft guidance on medical devices — first on Jan. 22 relating to...


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